Innovative Space Invaders Slot Game hits Norgevegas Casino

Norgevegas Casino has more than 100 different slot machines, ranging fromlogoproprietary software to titles produced by leading developers.

Those who have an account with these guys can play any of the games on virtual currency or real cash and more games are going to be added.

Halloween is upon us and most of the games released in October are aimed that celebrating this facility. However, there are other titles that belong to different genres and they can all be explored in the casino section.

Playtech is the software developer powering them and Space Invaders slot machine is the latest creation. If the name sounds familiar, then this is because it is inspired by a very popular titles developed nearly 40 years ago.


It all started in 1976 when the arcade game was unveiled and for many years it enjoyed tremendous popularity. It was only natural for the guys producing the slot machines to work with the company that came up with the concept in the first place.

A quick glance at the reels should highlight the fact that many of the symbols on it are inspired by the classic game. For many players who are no longer in their prime this represents a very pleasant voyage back to those times.

The kids of early 80s will surely have a lot of fun spinning its reels, not to mention the possibility of winning cash prizes. All the items appear on the classic 5×3 grid, with a total of 10 pay lines that trigger winning combinations in both directions.

Various starships and aliens appear on the reels, which create the illusion of perpetual movement, when they start spinning. Norgevegas Casino has a reputation for offering bonus rounds and other cash prizes to those who play the games newly introduced.

In this case, they won’t have any problems in raising awareness about this game, because already has plenty of fans. However, such bonuses are still expected and they will probably have limited time availability.

Despite being inspired by classic game that was produced nearly 4 decades ago, this modern iteration is compatible with mobile devices. All sorts of smartphones and tablets are supposed to work just as fine, so you don’t have to worry about the operating system.

Equally impressive as the original arcade, it will keep players at the edge of their seats and hopefully make them a bit richer.