CasinoEuro player wins Mega Joker progressive jackpot

One of the things that attracts players to online casinos like a magnet is the CasinoEuro progressive jackpot offered on several slot machines.

These games have any month potential, mostly due to the fact that with the minimum investment, you can win a lot of money which is free from wagering requirements.

Whenever someone hits the winning combination, the online casino is glad to announce everyone about his good fortune.

CasinoEuro had the chance to spread the news about such a success just a couple of weeks ago.

The winner was playing for the Mega Joker progressive jackpot and despite the fact that the odds of actually hitting the winning combination are remote, he managed to win it.

Those who are familiar with this game, know all too well that there are several layers and depending on how lucky they are, players can win more or less. In this case, the player had to settle for $22,000, but this is hardly a consolation prize and more of a Christmas holiday booster.


The player resided United Kingdom, so it was only natural for him to be awarded the paycheck in his local currency. CasinoEuro go to great lengths to make sure that all their customers are paid in their national currency, so that nothing is lost in the conversion process.

The amount is slightly lower if you make the transition to British Sterling pounds, but even so it is surprisingly high return on investment, since the player only venture the equivalent of $50.

Now that the jackpot was reset at the basic value, it is no longer possible for the next player to win a seven digit amount in the foreseeable future. Having said this, the size of the prize goes up faster if the number of players interested also increases and this has proved to be a trend here.

Lending three mega Joker symbols on the active pay lines is not enough to win the ultimate paycheck, but still sufficient for players to win a five digit amount.
When somebody succeeds at winning a progressive jackpot, CasinoEuro doesn’t give away the complete name of the lucky player.

This is done in their best interest, so the only information that transpires in the media is about the nickname used.

What matters the most, is that by playing here often, you have the chance of winning a similar paycheck or even more if you are luckier than this.