Stargames Casino donates to the Responsible Gambling Trust

Online casinos are supposed to keep things fair and provide a safe environment for those who plan on stargameswagering over the Internet.

This is the pledge made by Stargames Casino and just like some of its most honest counterparts, this gambling operator has only games with reasonable house edge.

They gave their players a fighting chance and regardless of the amount they feel comfortable wagering, all their gamblers can hope to emerge victorious.

The other direction pursued by law-abiding online casinos is to help with gambling addiction, a problem that affects many players. What makes this a very delicate issue is that by the time many of them realize that they’ve got a serious issue, addiction has already set in.

Luckily for them, there are plenty of foundations taking care of people struggling with this affliction. What they require is the support of online casinos and financial donations, something that Stargames Casino is famous for offering.


This year, they are happy to announce that in 2015 they’ve made a string of contributions to the well-known and highly respectable RGT organization. The acronym stands for responsible gambling trust and just as the name suggests, it is supposed to help problem gamblers. The resources allocated to this project should help them minimize the harm inflicted by gambling related problems and in the long run create a better gambling environment for everyone.

The United Kingdom has strict regulations that apply to both online casinos and foundations helping with gambling addiction. It is refreshing to hear that Responsible Gambling Trust is authorized to operate with the UK borders and it is also one of the leading foundations in this country.

The fact that it relies almost exclusively on donations doesn’t mean that the group is powerless, especially with online casinos showing so much generosity towards them.

Being a responsible gambling provider means a great deal for Stargames Casino and should provide prospective customers with the impetus to sign up for real money account. They can wager virtual currency for as long as they like, but once they feel comfortable making the transition, they know they always have a safety net in place. The casino will provide them with assistance in-house whenever they need help, but professional foundations catering exclusively to gambling addicts are even more helpful.

Stargames Casino goes to great lengths to keep it service transparent and secure, so their product can be trusted by both the experience and amateur gamblers. Addiction can strike without notice and virtually nobody is immune from it, so even savvy gamblers surely appreciate this dedicated approach. Since opening shop many years ago, the casino has constantly supported foundations and charities helping problem gamblers.

Instead of being part of the problem, as many of their online counterparts, Stargames Casino are actually a part of the solution. The best proof is that they don’t support exclusively charities looking after their players, but provide financial assistance to anyone who wants to make a difference.